10/10 Premiere 'Beats'

10/10 Premiere 'Beats'

10/10 Premiere 'Beats'
Just over a year ago I followed Scoop films as they started to make their new film 'The Beat Beneath my Feet' and so it was a really special moment when the film finally had it's movie premiere last week at the Raindance Film Festival, Vue Cinema, Piccadilly Circus. The show was sold out and received rave reviews and it really did look and feel amazing to watch on the big screen. Everyone enjoyed the film and there was a great Q&A at the end, this is how cinema should be,10/10 thats' what Steve Taylor Bryant the editor in chief of gave it!

Congratulations and well done to the entire team, they really did make the 'dream' come true! :)

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Scoop Films are raising funds to market and take the film to the big screen and need your help and so checkout if you are intrerested:

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