Do Bhai, 'Dubai' Two Brothers

Do Bhai, 'Dubai' Two Brothers


Do Bhai, 'Dubai' Two Brothers

TFA celebrating 3 years on Vimeo :) I was intrigued by the tales from the driver of the desert safari tour, one in particular about where the name ‘Dubai’ originated from. One is the Bur Dubai area and the other the Deira, there were 2 brothers ‘Do Bhai’, one lived on one side and the other on the other side, hence Dubai. True or not doesn’t matter to me, I like the idea that no matter where you live in this modern world we can all be brothers and sisters and try to live in peace and harmony rather than war and conflict.

Many thanks to all my brothers and sisters featured in this film including fellow Vimean Hassan Kiyany, Rishi, Saif Islam the office boy who was intrigued by my steadicam smoothee and the wonderful safari driver :)

If mankind can make Dubai from a desert imagine what s/he can do elsewhere. In the trailer for this film I asked what was more beautiful something God made or something Man made.
My previous film 'Sunset Tree' was something God made, decide for yourself what is more beautiful or please ponder the thought:)

Captured on the GH2, iPhone 4s and GoPro HD Hero2.

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