Istanbul - City of Millions

Istanbul - City of Millions


Istanbul - City of Millions

Last year I visited Istanbul for just three days, on my return I reflected upon what I had seen there, I truly felt the power of the people, the solidarity and so aptly named this film. In light of the recent problems in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey today, I feel that the Turkish people will come through this together and stronger, the people in power will have to listen and restrain themselves from aggressive action, after all this is a city of intelligent and diverse millions.

This is what I wrote back then...

A few weeks ago I had a beautiful weekend experience in Istanbul, a city of millions in so many ways.

'Istanbul, where two great continents kiss, harmonious vibes such beautiful energetic bliss,
like a cat free to roam, so safe walking through the city as if in your own home
a tasty treat awaits your at every corner, from sweet to savoury, kebabs to baclava,
where elders are shown respect and children love,
from spice bazaar to street seller, everyone is a businessman, free from world recession to expand,
listen to the sounds of the street to the magical east meets western beats,
admire majestic stunning feminine beauty to the handsome men, elders with such grace and vitality,
pure and rich, like Lord of the Rings, submerged in unbelievable history,
a city with so many, everybody from different cultures living so peacefully,
Istanbul, a city of millions and so much more, moi film j'adore' by TFA

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