Finding Aurora

Finding Aurora

Finding Aurora

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The sunrise at the beginning captured with Henry and team was featured by Instagram from Henry's own work, we are all really proud of sharing this moment with millions of people worldwide.
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I have always admired the work of Henry Jun Wah Lee and recently took the opportunity to join him in Iceland. 'Just grab your camera, go to the location, set up the shot and wait for the magic to happen' what a great piece of advice Henry gave us. Not to be out done by the wet and windy weather in the South of Iceland for the first few days, Henry and local charismatic Icelander 'Thorri' took the decision for us all to travel 400km North to greet the recent Solar Storm on it's way from the Sun. We arrived at Borgarfjörður just before sunset and the skies were crystal clear and so we had finally found a place with good weather and now fingers crossed we had to wait for the magic to happen. It sure did, the first time I saw the Aurora my stomach churned like a thousand butterflies and those butterflies only multiplied exponentially as the Aurora grew stronger. 4K version available @

Music is licensed from 'A Thousand Palisades' by Analog Colours. Various sound effects were added from full credit has been given in the video for all clips used. I tried to keep those sounds true to the original sounds minus the shutter noise.

On a technical note I used a Canon 1DC with a 14-24mm Nikon f2.8, Sigma Art 24mm f1.8 and Canon 50mm f1.2, others in our group used the new Sony A7s which were amazing in low light conditions and useful for Aurora spotting in dark skies. I used LRTimelapse and Adobe LightRoom to create the sequences and Premiere Pro to edit it altogether. I graded some sequences with Vision Color. The drone footage at the end is courtesy of Henry who used the 'follow me' command with the DJI Phantom 3 as we headed towards the Glacier. Enjoy :)

This is Part One of the trilogy from my recent Icelandic journey.

Part Two 'iCeland' captured from my iPhone
Part Three 'Iceland Finale'