Golden Harvest 2016

Golden Harvest 2016

Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest 2016

A few weeks after making this film our farmer's combine harvester was set on fire by arsonists but that will never defeat our human spirit, as they say in the Agriculture the harvest must go on!

‘It's gone through quite a hard time over the last few years but then farming does that. I have been involved in farming all my life really and you get highs and lows of the job altogether. The commodities prices are very low at the moment but the input costs are still very high and so you struggle to make much of a profit and it's very hard work for not the return that farmers should get’.

Peter Dowbiggin.

The orange Mercedes is my father's car who bought back in 1981, it is set to appear a new British feature film called 'After Louise' starring Greg Wise and Alice Sykes, check out

Music licensed from 'Human Machine' by The Soil and the Sun