Green Beats

Green Beats

The Beat Beneath My Feet

* Latest * The Beat Beneath my Feet has been nominated for the Raindance Award at the British Independent Film Awards,

Reviews have been amazing for this film so please support our crowdfunding campaign to get this film a worldwide theatrical release

Today the action started with another wonderful opportunity to make the second film behind the scenes of the new upcoming British feature film 'The Beat Beneath my Feet'. This was the first day of their shoot at Wimbledon Studios (where 'the Bill' used to be filmed for over 20 years) in which they were capturing some green screen scenes for their music videos and a car scene. Animation will be added over the green later in post production. by fellow Vimean Yu Sato. So what will it look like after the animation is added? Maybe will give you an idea of the possibilities. It was great to see talented animation artist, Director John Williams who opens and ends this film with his brilliant insight and Sara Deane, DOP who started out as a camera trainee in the film 'Bend it Like Beckham' in action with a fabulous crew and cast that included the charming Luke Perry.

The production house Scoop films has kindly encouraged and given me full artistic freedom to capture their journey after watching some of my work here on Vimeo. I am grateful to the entire team especially Mike Storey for his feedback, direction and fine tuning for all the BTS films so far. Everyone worked really hard and there was a great energy and buzz in the air. A lot of work goes into creating the green screen and additional lighting and I was thrilled to see the Alexa camera in action. It is pretty heavy work lifting and I can now understand why you see so many truck and vans whenever you pass by a film shoot. We are definitely spoilt as web film makers with just a camera in our hands. I think people will love this film as it has something for everyone including some pretty awesome music! :)

Some technical stuff now, recorded in 4K squeezed down to 1080P and timelapses (Miniatures App) and stills from my iPhone using Hipstamatic+Instagram+Typic Pro. I used a Zoom H6 recorder to capture some natural sounds and all the brilliant music is actually a draft version from the actual film. Lens used, mostly the Canon 50mm 1.2L with Tiffen vari ND filter, 100mm Macro and 24-70mm 2.8. I used the Vision Color 'Cinelook' profile for EOS cameras and so therefore did not need to grade the film. There is more to come and I hope to capture some more behind the scenes next week to share with everyone. In the meantime please check out the various social media pages and people involved in the film, please support them and spread the word, many thanks :) (director John William) (music videos, post production) (Sara Deane, DOP)

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