Return to Sunset Tree

Return to Sunset Tree

Golden Harvest

Return to Sunset Tree

It snowed last week, rained continuously for the last month and was bitterly cold throughout. I lost all hope that the sun would shine again in April and then saw a glimmer of gold as night began to fall in South London. This was the sign I was waiting for to return back to Sunset Tree and capture the special moment which comes magically for a moment this time every year.

Captured with the GH3 with mostly the 100-300mm Panasonic lens, 'Tele con' for some shots, no colour grading, no adjustments, manual settings used All-INTRA 72Mbps 192x1080, 25fps, iPhone 4S for the timelapses at the end.

YouTube version
The first, Sunset tree

Music Ludovico Einaudi, 'Solo' from the album 'islands'

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