'The Beat Beneath my Feet' - On Location

'The Beat Beneath my Feet' - On Location

The Beat Beneath My Feet

'The Beat Beneath my Feet' - On Location

* Latest * The Beat Beneath my Feet has been nominated for the Raindance Award at the British Independent Film Awards,

Reviews have been amazing for this film so please support our crowdfunding campaign to get this film a worldwide theatrical release

My journey observing the commercial world of cinema continues when I met up with the cast and crew of the film 'The Beat beneath my Feet' for a few hours to capture a glimpse of them on location. Really is gargantuan task filming outdoors and away from a studio, there were at least 30 people, lots of vans and tonnes of equipment to capture scenes inside the housing estate and in a rather nice car, love that growl!

Music under the guidance from Tony Visconti who had worked regularly with David Bowie over the last 40 years 'The Dream' from the actual film, by Geoff Jackson really is a talented musician and song writer!:)

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